Jamaican Pepper Pot Soup

Jamaican Pepper Pot Soup

The name conjures up an extremely spicy eye wateringly peppery soup, but it is in fact not ordinarily so. It is a rich savoury soup that many Jamaicans enjoy for lunch. Although this is the traditional recipe, there are ital (vegetarian) versions as well and this soup overall is fairly easy to modify to suit any dietary choice.

1 lb Callaloo or Spinach
12 Okras
12 cups water
1/2 lb salt beef
1/2 lb shin of beef
4 Cups water
1 Can of coconut milk
1/2 lb Yellow Yam (peeled)
Crushed escallion
Sliced hot peppers
Black pepper

Wash the callaloo then chop finely. Boil in water with the salt beef and shin of beef until beef is tender, usually about 2 hours. Add the coconut milk, yam, okras, escallion, hot peppers, and black pepper. Add water if necessary. Simmer for 30 minutes. Soup should be thick in consistency.

For the Ital version add more ingredients to the soup such as young breadfruit, dasheen, and coco at the same time you add the yam and potato.

Serves: 4