How UWIDEF has helped Jamaica’s Growth for a Quarter of a Century

How UWIDEF has helped Jamaica’s Growth for a Quarter of a Century

UWIDEF is the University of the West Indies Development and Endowment Fund that has helped young people continue their studies and have a hot meal each day, funded hospital and library equipment, helped make strides in medical research, created better access for students with physical challenges and even restored a landmark iconic spiritual centre and have plans to do so much more. The needs are great, therefore kindly consider contributing to this program. Named scholarships are also possible. Please visit the website for more details.


Now over 25 years old, UWIDEF has provided scholarship assistance every year to a wide cross-section of academic fields. These have allowed many students to attain tertiary education-who, without this assistance, would not have been able to do so. In addition to academic scholarships, UWIDEF has also provided Food Grants to students who are unable to purchase a daily hot meal.



In addition to scholarships, UWIDEF provides assistance to the UWI’s Teaching Hospital -- the UWI Hospital. Generous assistance has enabled UWIDEF to make a gift every year to fund vital equipment and supplies urgently required by the hospital in many departments including: Pediatrics, Cardiology & Ophthalmology.



UWIDEF also funds important medical, scientific and economic research. This includes: 1) grant funding for important research in diabetes, hypertension and stroke to the UWI SODECO (Solutions for Developing Countries) and 2) assisted the Department of Medicine to become a member of the Global Virus Network (GVN) to allow for international collaboration in the study of viruses such as Chic V, Zik V and H1N1.



There are numerous projects that UWIDEF has funded on the Mona campus to improve the welfare of students in particular and the community in general. Some of these include: the UWI Sickle cell unit, restoration of classrooms, improving library equipment, assisting in the development of a unit for those students challenged with mobility, sight and hearing and helped restore the UWI (Mona) Chapel.


Donations are tax deductible through the registered charities of Friends of UWIDEF in the USA and UWIDEF in Jamaica. See further information on the website.