Head East with Jamaica Tours on the Port Antonio Experience

Head East with Jamaica Tours on the Port Antonio Experience

Featuring the majestic Blue Mountains, picturesque beaches and exquisite scenery, the parish of Portland, Jamaica is a jewel of a place. Much of Portland’s coastline is lined with a variety of thrilling terrain.

There are fourteen caves in Portland, with locations in Nonsuch, Innis Bay, Long Bay, Boston Bay, Port Antonio, Hope Bay, Orange Bay, and Buff Bay. Seventeen rivers also meander throughout the Parish, most notably the Rio Grande. Perhaps the most visually stunning port in the world, Portland’s capital city Port Antonio has captivated many visitors over the years along with the Errol Flynn Marina, for smaller craft, named after the Hollywood icon who made here his home.

This area of lush vegetation, dazzling scenery, twin harbors and cool hills is located on Jamaica’s northeastern coast. Virtually untouched by tourism, the Portland offers old-world comfort and undeniable charm with the small town of Port Antonio at its heart.

A stunning property located on the edge of Port Antonio, Frenchman’s Cove was purchased in 1956 by Garfield Weston of Cold Harbour Estate. Like many before him, he was hypnotized by the untouched beaches and dazzling blue waters. Frenchman’s Cove is one of the region’s most popular attractions and has hosted numerous celebrity guests including Queen Elizabeth II, Elizabeth Taylor, Ian Fleming and The Beatles.

The pristine waters of Portland’s Rio Grande River are perfect for a ride on an authentic bamboo raft. Guided by expert raft captains possessing years of experience, this incredibly relaxing tour takes visitors on a journey of unparalleled natural beauty and serenity.

Rio Grande rafting is a popular international attraction for both tourists and Jamaicans alike. Jamaica Tours Limited is proud to bring visitors of Jamaica to Portland’s paradise.

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