Grog Cocktail

Grog Cocktail

The Grog cocktail is a recipe originally named after the British Admiral Edward Vernon (nicknamed Old Grog) who tried to prevent scurvy in his sailors by serving them a pint of rum a day watered down (to the sailor’s displeasure) with sugar and lime. Today’s Grog Cocktail -- in both it’s sweetened versions and sunset coloured glow -- still cures the ails of visitors suffering from a life lived anywhere but in the Caribbean!

Grog (with fruit juice)
1 part dark rum
1 part water
1 part fruit juice

Stir well and enjoy

Vernon’s Grog (with sugar)

2 oz. dark rum
8 oz. water
1 tsp. brown sugar
1 tbsp. lemon juice

Pour the rum into the container of your choice; a mug is suggested if a hot beverage is desired, but a glass works for a cool drink. Add remaining ingredients followed by cool or boiling water, depending on whether you are serving the drink hot or cold. Stir until the sugar is dissolved. For extra flavour, cinnamon, in the form of a stick or powder, can be added.