Experience Jamaica With A Jamaican

Experience Jamaica With A Jamaican

If you are a traveller who dreams of having a unique experience in Jamaica, there is no better way than to hang out with a local. The Jamaica Tourist Board (JTB) has an entirely free programme called ‘Meet The People’, where you can spend time with a Jamaican who lives in the area. A large group of proud Jamaicans happily volunteer their time for this programme which is completely free for any visitor to the island.

Learn to play dominoes from an old hand or help prepare an authentic Jamaican meal. Walk the streets of a small town or simply have a good long chat with an ice cold beer in hand. No matter how you spend the day, we guarantee it will be an experience that will stand out from all t other memories from your vacation in Jamaica.

Reach out via the JTB website about the programme before you get to Jamaica, or speak to someone at the front desk at your hotel when you get to the island, and within a short time you’ll be contacted and arrangements made for you to meet the person who will introduce you to life on our beautiful island.

Escape the resorts and explore Jamaica by immersing yourself in the day to day of what makes the island of Jamaica so incredible. If you’ve got children it’s a fantastic way to make their visit to Jamaica an occasion to teach them all about another country in a truly special way, as they get to play the day away with children their own age. Make new friends through a day filled with laughter while you explore the vibrant culture of the island like a local and make memories to last a lifetime.