600 Feet of Clear Fun at Dunn’s River Falls

600 Feet of Clear Fun at Dunn’s River Falls

Visit the iconic rushing waterfalls in the tourism hub of Ocho Rios to climb the 600 ft. of crystal clear water with the help of a friendly guide. The falls rise directly from the golden sands of a beautiful beach where the crisp, cold river mingles with the warm waters of the Caribbean Sea.

Scale the stunning falls hand in hand with old friends and new, stopping along the way to take a swim in natural pools while sunlight dapples the surrounding rocks as it peeks through the lush foliage.

After your adventure, lounge on the beach, or take the children to the fun waterpark with shooting jets of water before strolling through the market offering a fantastic array of handcrafted souvenirs and wonderful refreshments for the whole family, from coffee to snacks and delicious ice cream.