The Naturally Charming Villas of Christopher’s at Hermosa Cove

 The Naturally Charming Villas of Christopher’s at Hermosa Cove

Hermosa Cove is a lush 12 acre beachfront property in St. Ann, Jamaica owned by Texans Clayton and Deb Korver who fell in love with Jamaica way back in 1976. The delightfully charming Christopher’s at Hermosa Cove is a timehop back into Spanish history with grandiose architecture of hand-crafted stone built into fortresses and towers mixed with the island flair of thatched roofs and rustic wooden trimmings.

It’s the perfect hidden gem located on cliffs just outside of Ocho Rios that’s easy to miss if you’re whizzing by. Each of the nine villas at Hermosa Cove is unique, appealing to the varying desires of the discerning traveler. All are equipped with kitchens and their own private pool. The warmth of dark wood and leather invite you inside luxurious chambers with views of opulent gardens and sounds of the sea.

Christopher’s, named after European explorer Christopher Columbus who said Jamaica was the “most beautiful island he had ever seen” is an award winning restaurant. It was dubbed “Best Kept Secret” at the coveted Table Talk Jamaica Observer Food Awards 2014 and their Executive Chef, Chef Conroy Arnold, was awarded Chef on the Rise. Seafood is the specialty inside the gourmet kitchen as the restaurant has a close relationship with local fishermen who come daily to deliver their fresh ocean bounty. Inspecting the menu will reveal many inclusions of fresh fruit, vegetables and herbs grown a few steps away in the garden which you may tour and select your choices to be paired with your dish. Chef Arnold prides himself on being a man of clean flavours using fresh ingredients.

The menu is very Jamaican serving up meats and seafood smoked over the signature pimento wood used in authentic Jamaican jerk. An international spin adds panache to each dish distinguishing Christopher's menu from your usual resort dining options. Dishes such as callaloo with scotch bonnet sauce, crispy plantain chips with fresh salsa, ribs with ratatouille style vegetables, tenderloin steak served up with fries or substituted with roasted wedges, curried goat ravioli, oxtails, coconut braised chicken, grilled lobster along with the catch of the day done to your liking. The marlin salad has been met with rave reviews along with the smoked chicken quesadilla and ackee spring roll appetizers. Warm bread pudding served with a scoop of homemade vanilla ice-cream tops a delicious dining experience inside the restaurant with ocean views or out in the open air.

A stroll down to the intimate white sand beachfront with a spiced cocktail made from fresh-pressed juice in hand from Isabella’s Rum Bar at sunset adds romance to what will surely be a delectable evening at Hermosa Cove. The attentive and accommodating staff and celebrated chef help to bring life the golden age surroundings which envelope you on this property and submerge you into a magnificent aura of splendour and island charm.